I'm lucky...

I've been married to the funniest, most handsome ginger for five years now. I have the cutest, 3lb perma-puppy who will never grow up. My sweet baby girl greets me with a goofy gummy smile every single day. 

My job is to document the happiest day of people's lives while eating cake. I spend my days writing, reading, editing, creating.

It's a pretty good life.

I graduated from James Madison University with a BA in English, a Masters in Teaching, and a minor in creative writing just for funsies.

I am obsessed with storytelling: books, movies, TV shows, blogs. I love them all. Ask me about my favorite stories and we can talk all day.

Snow days are my favorite days. No doubt about it. Except maybe Christmas Eve... the greatest day of them all.

I ramble when I write, but never when I talk. It makes me a great listener!

I'm an introverted homebody. I'm perfectly fine alone in my house for days. Cabin fever, what's that?


Things that Make ME Happy